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INTGET 7 Inch Navigation Screen Protector for Honda Civic 2022


  • Perfect Fit for Honda Civic: INTGET Navigation Screen Protector is compatible with Honda Civic 2022 center control touchscreen. Customized for Honda Civic 2022 center touch display, so the screen protector is better than the factory screen. Please check the model and year of your vehicle before purchasing.
  • Protect the Original Screen: The 7-inch Screen Protector for Civic 2022 has a hardness of 9H, so it is strong enough to prevent all kinds of scratches, let alone fingerprints and water stains. Tempered glass provides adequate protection. No need to worry about the original screen.
  • Super High Definition: This navigation screen protector for Civic 2022 does not affect the original color and touch, but provides high visibility, sensibility, and glossy touch. Much better than the original screen.
  • Safe Design: After special treatment, the GPS tempered glass will break into a whole piece and will not fall to the ground if it is collided by external forces. This design greatly improves the safety of use.
  • AFTER-SALES SERVICES- INTGET has been working hard for the purpose of providing customers with high-quality goods and services. So if you have any question or concern about our products, please feel free to contact with us and we will response to you in time.
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Product Description

Product Name: INTGET 7 Inch Navigation Screen Protector for Honda Civic 2022 Accessories Tempered Glass Center Touch Display Navigation Center Control Touchscreen Protective Film for 2022 Honda Civic

Why choose GPS screen tempered film?

Before Installation:

1.A scratched navigation screen damaged the interior decoration.

2.Dirty touch screen can affect the mood of drivers and passengers.

3.Worn and aged touch screen damage the value of the Civic.

After Installation:

1.This navigation screen protector for Honda Civic 2022 provides strong protection, scratch resistance and wear resistance, keeping it new all the time.

2.This tempered glass is waterproof and oil proof, and easy to clean.

3.High visibility and will not affect the color and touch of original screen.

Installation Steps:

Step 1.Use the wet tissue(alcohol) and wipe the screen.

Step 2.Wipe the screen with the dry tissue.

Step 3. Use the sticky paper to stick dust away.

Step 4.Check the size to ensure that the size is suitable or not.

Step 5.Pull the guide mark and tear off the plastic protection paper.

Step 6.Adjust the position and use suction cup to stick it on.

Step 7.If there are bubbles remaining, you can press them out with your fingers in the same direction.

Step 8.Finish and you can clean the surface with the tissue.

After Sales Service:
The shape and details of the armrest box of each car are different, so the design details of each armrest box cover and the degree of tightness of the elastic band will also be different.

Of course, the installation method will be slightly different, please read the installation method carefully before installation.

Upside-down or wrong installation steps may make the armrest box cover unsuitable.

So if the cover is not suitable or have quality problem, please contact us first, we will do our best to help you solve the problem.



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