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INTGET Car Center Console Cover for Kia K5 2021 2022


  • FITMENT-The center console cover fits for Kia K5 2021 2022 Accessories with trim level LX, LXS, GT-Line, EX, and GT.
  • PROTECT YOUR ARMREST-Exactly designed for 2021 2022 Kia K5 Center Console,cover the entire top of armrest box lid, and thick enough to prevent your Arm Rest from pet claws, dirt, and coffee spills.
  • NO WRINKLE-Molded by 2021 K5 armrest box curvature , So it is flat,no wrinkle and doesn’t affect you to open or close your Center Console Lid.
  • EHANCE YOUR COMFORT-This K5 armrest cover use quality soft leather to make it comfortable to your arm while driving.And also give your DOG/CAT a comfy seat and better grip on the turns.
  • INSTALLATION-BETTER TO SIT IN THE BACKSEAT TO INSTALL!!And also better to push both seats all the way towards the front;Open your console lid first and start with putting on the bottom first and hook it. Pull towards the front of the lid.Adjust from to corner to corner to hook it and finish.If you have any issues(problems with the fit, etc), just email INTGET and we are happy to help you out.
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Product Description

Product Name: INTGET Center Console Cover for Kia K5 2021 2022 Accessories Leather Armrest Cover Arm Rest Box Lid Dog Seat Protector

Why choose our products?

Car is the second place to show a person’s taste, so clean and tide car interior will enhance his image.

But the center console is the most likely place to get dirty, because he often touch it with dirty hands and often put his elbow on it, which will lead to the wear of the console. Most importantly, the scratches of sharp objects, like dog’s claws, will make the console look very ugly.

But this center console cover will solve these problems for you customers. Ugly Scratches and stains will not appear after installing this console cover, because the console cover was made of high quality PU Leather.

You can enjoy a pleasant driving journey without worrying about the console cover getting dirty again.

You will not regret for buying this console cover.

Installation Steps

Step 1:


Step 2:

Start with putting on the band from front.

Step 3.

Pull towards the front of the lid and stretch it.

Step 4:

Adjust it from corner to corner, and smooth it.

After Sales Service:
The shape and details of the armrest box of each car are different, so the design details of each armrest box cover and the degree of tightness of the elastic band will also be different.

Of course, the installation method will be slightly different, please read the installation method carefully before installation.

Upside-down or wrong installation steps may make the armrest box cover unsuitable.

So if the cover is not suitable or have quality problem, please contact us first, we will do our best to help you solve the problem.




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